DEXA scans are ordered to: evaluate body composition (such as bone density and strength, how much visceral and peripheral fat and muscle mass your body has and where), track changes over time and monitor those changes. Even though DEXA scans are the gold standard when evaluating and tracking body composition, they are a painless and inexpensive test.


A resting metabolic rate (RMR) test is a noninvasive, highly accurate way of determining daily calories needed to maintain your current body mass while at rest. RMR supports breathing, circulating blood, organ functions, and basic neurological functions. Factors that affect your RMR include your weight, age, gender, body composition, amount of physical activity, and hormone function.
V02 Max Test


A VO2 max test is a maximal exercise test performed on a treadmill or bike that provides data on how much oxygen you use as you exercise and determines the maximal oxygen you can consume during exercise. This is a gold-standard measurement of endurance and longevity. Benefits of VO2 max testing: accurate measurement of current fitness, evaluation of effectiveness of training program and ability to design a more effective training program.
3D Body Scan


A 3D Body Scan is a fast, accurate and non-invasive way to extract measurements, shape, body composition and other insights for our members. A 3D Body Scan makes visualizing your progress simple and reliable.

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Our services will allow you to get a comprehensive snapshot of your health via our DEXA scans, VO2 max testing, RMR analysis, Biodensity screens and more.

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