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Know your baseline

With medical grade technology to see exactly where you are and need to go
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Implement change

Using precise insights about your health, fitness, and metabolism
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Tailor your lifestyle

With results powered by the best science available today

About the Tests


An imaging test to measure your muscle mass, body fat and bone density.


A test to measure the total number of calories burned when your body is completely at rest.


A test used to gain insight on how much oxygen you consume during exercise.

3D Body Scan

A simple, quick alternative to the DEXA scan to measure body composition more frequently.
  • Stepping on a scale just wasn't enough for me. My mission was to lose body fat and gain muscle.

    How do I measure this? 

    Fitness Insights of Louisville was the answer! My first ever Dexa scan! Great customer service and an app that tracks my results!
    - Joon Kim
  • Thank you for inviting me over to do the DEXA scan. I have always wondered what my true muscle mass to fat mass ratio has been.

    I’m really enjoying the app. The app will help you understand each area of the DEXA Scan it will also teach you what’s good and bad.

    My goal is to live as long as the good Lord will allow me and doing it in the healthiest way that I can.

    I know that DEXA Scan can help me manage my body composition and helping me understand my body and manage it in a different way than just calories in calories out.
    - George Hart
  • Fitness Insights does just what the name says. I went in for a Dexa scan and learned so much about where I am physically. The scan was super quick and the results came right to my phone. Everything was explained well and I will definitely be back to track my progress.
    - Walker Rose

About Us

Fitness Insights of Louisville was started by two dashing young men. Sorry ladies, they're taken! One a medical physician and the other a chiropractic physician, they have teamed up with the goal of using their knowledge for the betterment of their community. If you'd like to learn more about the founders, Dr. Mark Conliffe and Dr. Ross Kowzan, check out their bio page. WARNING: they aren't that exciting to read about.
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Learn to implement the best nutrition and lifestyle choices that give you the confidence and energy to live your life to the fullest. You do not need to be a diabetic to qualify for these insurance-covered services.
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Our services will allow you to get a comprehensive snapshot of your health via our DEXA scans, VO2 max testing, RMR analysis, Biodensity screens and more.

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